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Three reasons to visit Valencia city

visit Valencia

In some of our older articles we discussed different places and curiosities around the city of Valencia. Today we want to revisit the subject and try to fully convince you that Valencia really is one of the best travel destinations to come and spend your holidays, or even just a weekend with the family. We are going to detail three main reasons to visit Valencia. Let’s talk about the climate, the cuisine and some of the most memorable places that this city is known for. Some of these we have covered before, but let’s take another look and refresh our memory.

The Mediterranean climate

Playa de las Arenas

As we all know, Valencia is located on the coast, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The so-named ‘Mediterranean climate’ is what prevails in this area. Thie weather in Valencia is characterised by a dry, hot summer, with average temperatures being above 22 degrees and some humid winters but usually with very mild temperatures. It has a particularly pleasant climate for most of the year.

Perhaps this is one of the most important points of all, but we should also mention the beaches and coastal areas. Everyone loves the beach, and we think Valencia’s are the best. One of these is Las Arenas beach, that as we explained in another article, is more than 1 km long with a width of approximately 60 metres, and has very fine sand. This has to be one of the most important beaches because of its spectacular promenade, numerous other attractions such as bathhouses and even the port of Valencia itself.

There is also Malvarrosa beach, which is really an urban beach, surrounded by the city. Besides its proximity to the city and its magnificent water, it also has impeccable services, such as restaurants, hotels and so on. It’s exceptional in almost every way.

Finally, we ought to mention Saler beach, which is located in a protected area of the Albufera national park. The beach has nice calm waters, like almost all the beaches in Valencia. It has no promenade as it was demolished so encourage the regeneration of the sand dunes. This reason and the fact that the beach is surrounded by a wooded area, make it perfect for nature lovers. It is also has a very small urban area close by.

There are other beaches we could mention, but in our opinion, these three are certainly the best and should be enough to convince you to visit Valencia.

Valencian gastronomy

Another important fact about this city and another reason to visit Valencia, is that its cuisine is considered one of the best on the Iberian Peninsula due to the large number of different foods and traditional dishes, a few of which we will cover below.

Valencian cuisine is typical of the Mediterranean diet due to the use of olive oil, vegetables and fish. There are differences in the use of vegetables or fish between the coastal and inland areas, but there is a common ingredient in all the dishes of the region and that is the use of rice.

Paella ValencianaOf all the dishes that constitute Valencian cuisine, the best known internationally is paella. Its popularity is so great that many homes have a paella pan, which is an open space where you can cook this grilled casserole. There are many different versions of this dish, above all depending on the area. For example, along the Castellón and Tarragona coasts seafood paella predominates, while around Alicante they prefer less dry rices.

Rice plays such an important role in this type of cooking, and in fact many cookbooks will tell you more than 100 ways to prepare it. In short, this is one of the most varied dishes you can imagine.

But that isn’t to say that rice is the only thing on offer. Of course there are much more, such as stews, cocas, which are delicious flat cakes made of flour, pastries, those known as turrones for example, the jijona, which is made from almonds and sugar. There are fruits and vegetables, such as Valencian oranges and lastly we mustn’t forget the horchata, a very refreshing drink, which usually consumed in the summer, and made from tiger nuts. This is tuber can only be grown in soils with certain specific qualities, for which reason it is exclusive to the Valencian region.

For these reasons and many more, we should recognise that the Mediterranean diet in Valencia is one of the best, and it’s a must to try it at least once in your life.

Finally, as we have already discussed in other articles, we should spend a bit of time on some of the top landmarks in the city.

Iconic city landmarks

Valencia has a long list of historical sites, squares, cathedrals and gardens which are well worth checking out. But let’s highlight the most important of them that you must see when you visit Valencia.

In our opinion, the most important of all of these is the City of Arts and Sciences, which is an architectural, cultural and entertainment centre and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. There are many buildings inside this complex such as the Oceanographic, which is the largest aquarium in Europe, the Hemisfèric, which is a projection space, the Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofía, which is dedicated to music and the arts, and many others. This is really quite an impressive place.


The Barrio del Carmen also deserves a mention which is the oldest neighbourhood in the city and there are many more important sites such as Carmen Church and the Quart and Serrano towers, which we already wrote about in a previous article.

There is also the town hall square, which is the most important and central in the whole city. There are several buildings of architectural importance here, but the Valencia town hall really stands out.

These are some of the best in our opinion, but there are many more, as previously mentioned. There are also the Botanical Gardens, Valencia Cathedral, that are must-visits.

If you are interested in doing a guided tour of Valencia, you can take a look at a few options here for during your trip when you visit Valencia.

Three reasons to visit Valencia city
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