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A walk along the old Turia riverbed

Turia riverbed

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Ample green spaces, leisure areas and the most enchanting woods are just are few things you’ll discover in the old Turia riverbed, a wonderful place where nature, sport and fun coexist in perfect harmony. There’s nothing like taking a walk through these wonderful places and discovering Valencia at its best.

Along its 8 kilometres of parkland, the Turia garden crosses the Valencian capital from southeat to notheast, from the the City of Arts and Sciences to the Bioparc, and is one of the most captivating natural paradises you can find on the Costa Blanca. The influx of tourism is very notable in this urban park, with its fountains, ponds, children’s attractions and other attractions, as well as countless options for doing our favourite sports.

The park as we know it was opened in 1986. Several decades ago the Great Flood of Valencia, caused incalculable material damage and left 81 dead, thereby forcing the diversion of the Turia river. Although at first it was a hard blow for tourism and environmental beauty, it was soon decided to return it to its prior grandeur by converting it into a park,

Multiple leisure possibilities 

One of the main attractions for visitor to the old Turia riverbed is the cycle path which runs through the entire park. Whether you decide to ride a bike or jog, this asphalt path will take you on a tour of the most beautiful spots along the way.


You won’t be disappointed by the numerous sports areas, whether it’s table tennis, basketball, football, athletics, baseball or any other disciplines of interest. This is certainly a very versatile space that will leave you feeling great and without a doubt one of the places to see in Valencia.

Dreamy landscapes

The main park is in an area full of lush vegetation, home to 330 thousand square metres of landscapes and woodland. It has several different sections (the riverside, the forest, the viewing platform, etc), where the botanical gardens and the amphitheatre are always a big hit with both locals and visitors.

But with the Bioparc you’ll get to see nature at its best, in a unique space with the wildest creatures of more than 250 species from the African savanna, in an exotic environment, overflowing with palms, Madagascan jungle and so much more.


Gulliver’s Park will delight the kids, who will feel as if they are part of Jonathan Swift’s adventures. The ramps, slides and ropes that keep the giant Gulliver captive are always great fun for the whole family.

You can come and fall in love with the Turia Garden at any time, one of the corners of Valencia with the most personality. There is nothing more delightful than taking a walk in the old Turia riverbed and enjoying the unique experience that it offers.

A walk along the old Turia riverbed
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