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The Real-Viveros Gardens – a place to visit as a family

Real-Viveros Gardens

Today we are going to tell you a little bit about the Royal Gardens called the Real-Viveros Gardens , a place where you can spend time with the family, friends and where you can take a walk and relax, enjoying the incredible weather in Valencia.

The Royal Gardens, also called Nursery Garden, is a public park located in the city of Valencia.

As for the history of this park, it was originally an orchard associated with the Alumnia, or recreational palace, which was ordered to be built by the kings of Valencia. They were used as nurseries until 1560, since King Felipe II planted a great quantity of orange and lemon trees to beautify the gardens of his Aranjuez palace.

The Almunia, transformed into a royal palace from the 14th century onwards, but disappeared in 1810 to allow for the planting of several species of plants. From then on it began to be used as gardens and nurseries. In the year 1903 the gardens were ceded to the city council, to be used as a city nursery, hence its other name, the Nursery Garden.

To describe these gardens we could mention the great diversity of tree specimens, up to 2769 different examples of 167 different species. It is quite impressive that there is such a high number, since when they started planting the gardens they only had cactus, carnations and other flowers, Spanish fur, cypresses, American bananas, coconuts and a few others.

Real-Viveros Gardens

There is also the Valencia Museum of Natural Sciences, which is a rationalist building created by Luis Gay in the late 1950s. This museum has what is possibly the best European collection of fossils from the South American Pleistocene era, consisting of twenty skeletons and more than five thousand bones belonging to more than twenty different mammal families. It additionally has many more rooms all about science and technology, biodiversity, dinosaurs, an explanation of the origin of life and plenty of temporary exhibitions that are always changing and keep the place interesting.

Real-Viveros Gardens
Natural sciences museum in Valencia

Finally, we ought to mention that these gardens host numerous activities, whether cultural or for the kids. There is a bar, a tourist train, a lake and a play area for the kids. There also events such as the book fair, summer concerts and open-air cinema.

There’s no doubt that the  Real-Viveros Gardens is one of the favourite places of Valencians, whether it’s due to their history or because of the large number of interesting items housed within, making it a wonderful place to relax or spend the day with the family. 

The Real-Viveros Gardens – a place to visit as a family
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