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For parents and children – 7 playgrounds in Valencia that are worth visiting

playgrounds in Valencia

Experience the fun, the magic and the fantasy. Valencia and its tourist attractions are not for adults only. There is plenty on offer for kids too. Snow White, the legendary castle of King Arthur and the fearless Gulliver are just some of the heroes that inspire the most popular parks and libraries in the Turia capital. For example, there are Ludoparc Salka, Movikid, Madagaspark and Camelot Park, all places uniquely dedicated to entertainment and making the kids the undisputed kings and queens! Don’t miss these and other playgrounds in Valencia!

Ludoparc Salka

Located on Carrer de la Diputada Clara Campoamor, Ludoparc Salka is a unique place where the plastic balls and tunnels create another universe. But its 600 square metres also allow plenty of room for karaoke and other fun activities. This is surely one of the best playgrounds in Valencia and well worth discovering.

Gulliver’s Park

Gulliver’s Park has been proud to be a charming children’s leisure park for over a quarter of a century. Located in the Turia gardens, this colossal sculpture of Jonathan Swift’s character is 70 metres in length and has numerous slides and stairways, where the kids will feel as if they are in a fairy tale. Amazing!


Snow White Park

The iconic Brothers Grimm character also inspired the designers of the park named after her on Calle Puig Campana. Its nearly four thousand square metres are inhabited by dwarfs, fearsome witches and other fantastic creatures.

Ciudad Fantasia Park

Here is another playground that you can’t miss on your journey around Valencia. It is located in the Plaça d’ Holanda and consists of 1400 square metres, all dedicated to children’s entertainment, with ball pools, theatres, creative workshops and birthday entertainers.

Camelot Park

The Arthurian legends also have to be on our list, and although Camelot Park possesses very few direct references King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, it is still a wonderful playground that kids between 1 to 11 years of age will find really exciting. There is also a cafe and WiFi to keep the adults entertained while the kids play.


With an atmosphere reminiscent of the ocean island to which it owes its name, the Madagaspark has more than 1500 square metres of entertainment to delight the kids: soft play areas, ball pools, trampolines, giant slides and countless creative activities, such as balloon and face make up workshops, puppet theatres and storytelling.

Imagen cortesía de Madagaspark

Movikid Park

Finally, the Movikid Park, located on Carrer dels Lleons, really gets the gold star on our list. Although only having an area of 500 square metres, this park is really jammed full of surprises. Each one of its different areas is related to a specific subject (boats, sea animals, etc.) of which the most impressive is without a doubt the pirate world from Peter Pan and other children’s classics (although it actually owes its name to the novel Moby Dick). There are plenty of slides, colourful tunnels, recreational trails and much more. In short, this is an ideal place to celebrate birthdays, communions, or simply to give the kids a big surprise.

Sliding down the Madagaspark slides, diving into the ball pool at Ciudad Fantasia or perching on top of Gulliver are just some of the unique experiences that the kids will never forget. There is so much more on offer than just the sun and the beach, as these playgrounds in Valencia show. They are real children’s paradises where dreams come true, and the whole family can experience the weather in Valencia, which makes it even more enjoyable!

For parents and children – 7 playgrounds in Valencia that are worth visiting
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