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Europe´s narrowest house can be found in the Turia city

Europe´s narrowest house

In one of the most central areas of Valencia, behind Santa Catalina church, at number 6 Plaza Lope de Vega, one finds this particular house, that is only 105 centimetres wide, five floors high and sandwiched in between two much larger buildings, which means it is not easily seen at first. It is perhaps Europe´s narrowest house.

This house has become quite famous and has been mentioned in the media many times, becoming one of the most oft-visited spots for those visiting Valencia, since it is actually one of the narrowest houses in the whole of Europe. It isn’t necessarily the most narrow as that honour may go to some others in Scotland or possibly Amsterdam.

Until a few years ago the house was not in the best of states as it had been abandoned and left to deteriorate. Because of this, the owner decided to do some major renovation work in 2008, giving it the reddish colour and windows that make it so striking. It is also thought that it became part of the neighbouring building after the renovations. But many still speculate about what is really inside it.

narrowest house

Just inside the front door is a strange poster that states that it really does only measure 105 centimetres in width. Without doubt, getting furniture into the house would be highly complicated!

Europe´s narrowest house is one of the oddest curiosities in Valencia and is one of that should be on your list when you visit this fantastic city, where there are so many fascinating places to see. If you want to experience something even more cultural don´t miss the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas.

Europe´s narrowest house can be found in the Turia city
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