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3 public places you can enjoy in Valencia with children

Valencia with children

Today’s article is dedicated to a special audience: parents. Children usually don’t like museums, architecture or history, so today we are going to talk about three places you can enjoy in Valencia with children, especially the very young ones. These places are: Gulliver Park, Cabecera Park and the Botanical Garden where you can also experience the beautiful weather in Valencia.

Gulliver Park is located in Turia Garden in Valencia. The main attraction is a huge sculpture of Gulliver, around 70 metres in height. The best thing about this attraction is that you can access it from stairs, ramps, by climbing up it and so on. It also has some huge slides when it is time to come down. It is built with a soft material, making it safe for children.

And while it may seem that this an attraction meant only for the kids, there are plenty of parents who also love to join in the fun.

In addition to this, the park also has abundant vegetation, a multitude of children’s games, mini golf and skateboard tracks, a bar and two giant chess boards. This is definitely a place where having fun is guaranteed in Valencia with children!


The main city park in Valencia is located in the riverbed of the river Turia and completes the Northwest zone of the city, with a wonderful combination of nature and an urban zone.

This park is divided into four areas: the Riverside Forest, the Viewing platform, the Bioparc and the amusement park.

La Ribera Forrest runs along the left side of the river Turia, where we can take part in a few fun activities such as cycling or enjoying some of children’s parks.

From the lookout platform we can enjoy a view of the entire park, as it is located on the top of a hill. We can also find an amphitheatre where there are usually a variety of shows taking place, as well as a bar.

Finally, the highlights of this park is the Bioparc and the amusement park. The Bioparc is divided into two areas, in the first we can find shops and bars, etc. while the second recreates the natural spaces which different animals inhabit. The nice thing here is that you can see how the animals enjoy a replica of their natural habitat.

The amusement park is great for kids, along with the aforementioned, as it has facilities and services especially dedicated to them, such as the green area.


Finally, we have to mention the botanical garden, which although it may not have parks or attractions, it’s certainly deserves to be visited in Valencia with children.

This garden is located in the old riverbed of the river Turia, specifically in Quart Street. It belongs to the University of Valencia.

It currently has an important botanical collection, with around three thousand species of trees and plants from five continents, with the collection of palms and tropical trees, cactus and other desert plants being one standout. In addition to this, it also has an aquarium and an aviary.

3 public places you can enjoy in Valencia with children
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