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6 places to visit in Valencia

places to visit in Valencia

In this article we’ll list 6 places to visit in Valencia and surrounding areas. Let’s get started.

# 1 Visit the Port of Valencia. In this blog we have talked about this wonderful place and we recommend that you visit either by day or at night. In the port of Valencia you’ll find restaurants such as Panorama, Dos Lunas Beach, and an exciting nightlife area where you can dance the night away in nightclubs like Las Animas, or High Cube. Buildings such as Veles e Vents or the clock building are also worth mentioning. A little while back we were talking about this area in one of our articles. Here’s the link.

puerto de valencia

# 2 Tour Valencia by Bike. If you are into sustainable transport, Valencia is the perfect city for you. It has a Mediterranean climate all year round, is an ideal size for cyclists, has very few inclines and around 80 km of bike lanes. This combination of factors allows you to easily get around the city and visit all the best places. One good idea is to visit the El Carmen neighbourhood or simply ride along the Turia riverbed.

valencia bicicleta

# 3 Take a boat trip or enjoy the sunset in Albufera. If you like nature and disconnecting from the city, we recommend a boat trip through the Albufera in Valencia. Depending on the company you choose the price can vary between 5 and 8 euros. You’ll also enjoy a wonderful sunset with the best weather in Valencia.

paseo por la albufera

# 4 Visit the Bioparc. In the old Turia riverbed in Cabecera park you can find one of the best tourist attractions in Valencia, which is the famous Bioparc. Here all ages can enjoy the amazing jungle fauna and the wide range of leisure activities. If you want to read more about the animal park you can do so here.


# 5 Visit the Plaza Redonda. This is one places to visit in Valencia, located in the city centre. The Plaza Redonda has undergone quite a transformation in the last few years, as many of the houses, facades and tiled roofs have been given a make-over. Pavements have been replaced and some of the metal posts in the centre have been removed and a modern steel and glass structure has been added to protect shop-owners and shoppers from the sun. If you’re in the centre of Valencia don’t hesitate to visit this amazing place. You can read more about the square here.

visitar plaza redonda

# 6 Attend a meeting of the Tribunal de las Aguas. The Tribunal de las Aguas is the oldest justice institution in Europe, meets weekly every Thursday at 12:00 and is located in the Plaza de la Virgen, to the right of the apostles door in Valencia Cathedral. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2009.

tribunal de las aguas

So there you have it! 6 places to visit in Valencia. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave a comment below.


6 places to visit in Valencia
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